The Cold War - 10 Reasons to Love Cold Brew Coffee March 23 2017

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Cold Brew... the stuff made of nightmares for the folk who like their Caramel Macchiatos with extra syrup and one shot of coffee. Who ventured in to a coffee shop on a hot day when the Sahara was taking up residence in their body only to be convinced by their weird friend who always wears black and drinks coffee out of those filter machines to order an Iced Caramel Macchiato and then swore that their life on this earth was not worth the pain of cold coffee. 

We feel you, well out of the three staff here at Two Spots, two feel you.

The third can't get enough. Good thing the third is writing this post and is here to convince you that Cold Brew is the best thing since they invented those sticks that sit in your take-away cup and stop the coffee from spilling when you are on the move. Although there is no need for those sticks once you start drinking Cold Brew because half of it will be gone by the time you leave.

As is customary, the best way to get a point across is in a form of a list; so here is mine. 

  1. Cold Brew is NOT Iced Coffee. Despite the fact that they may both be served at temperatures close to the 0°C mark they are inherently different. 'Why is this going to convince me of the awesomeness of Cold Brew?' - I hear you say. Because Cold Brew isn't here to fool you, it doesn't pretend to be delicious by being covered in syrups and powders and blended up with so much ice and milk that you can barely taste the coffee any more. It also doesn't go around masquerading as a cold espresso where the bitterness only seems to intensify the colder it gets and you start to contemplate why the world is out to get you. Cold Brew wants to make you happy and does so by being brewed at a cold temperature thus preserving all that goodness that is delicious at any temperature and puts a smile on everyone's face. It also, due to its nature, is made into something called Nitro Coffee. Sounds super futuristic, but it's actually just Cold Brew coffee infused with Nitrogen and pulled from a tap -  like beer. The consistency becomes like stout and it even has a creamy white layer on top of the coffee. 

  2. Taste... Yup, taste is the best thing about cold brewed coffee. It's smooth and sweet, the bitterness often associated with hot coffee dissipates, the flavours don't attack the senses like an espresso does, each flavour has time to shine and the differences in beans can really be observed. It's really low on acidity, that means no squinty faces when drinking Cold Brew which brings me nicely on to my next point.

  3. Due to it's low acidity, it's super gentle on the stomach in comparison to an espresso or a hot brew. So any one who gets an upset stomach from drinking coffee can enjoy this coffee without worrying about the consequences. 

  4. There is more caffeine in Cold Brew. So not only do you get lovely flavours and a happier stomach, but you also get an extra caffeine boost. So hear me out: you get more caffeine per serving which means that you will need to drink less coffee to get the same effect as your regular dose; which in turn means you will spend less on buying coffee and will save money. That's right, you heard it here first - Cold Brew Saves You Money. 

  5. It is THE EASIEST way to make coffee at home. No joke. All you need is the coffee, a container, water, a filter and time. That is it. No special skills, no special equipment, no special pour over method, nada. Simply put the coffee in to your container and pour the cold water over any way you like, cover it and let it sit on your counter for 12-24hrs. Separate the grounds from the liquid using your filter and VOILA, you have Cold Brew coffee. You could also brew the coffee in a Cafetiere and use the plunger as your filter. Click here for our guide on how to.

  6. If you make it at home, the Cold Brew will keep fresh in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. That means that you can make a big batch on a Saturday, filter it on a Sunday and have delicious tasting coffee for the whole week, or two weeks depending on how big you make your batch. So, technically, Cold Brew Saves You Time too. 

  7. You can brew the coffee with anything. Cinnamon, Bourbon, Vanilla, Vodka, Cherries, Cocoa Powder. You name it, there is probably a recipe for it and the thing is, all you have to do it mix it with your coffee grounds before pouring the water over. Then you can just let it do its thing and you have a delicious alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink to impress your friends and family. 

  8. You can make it two different ways, as the ready to drink version or a base. So you can make it in large quantities with less coffee grounds and fill your cup to the top when pouring some for yourself. Or make it really strong and then dilute it with something when getting ready to drink it. That means that you can make a base of Cold Brew and dilute it with cold/hot water/milk (hot: only in emergencies or when trying to convert the most stubborn warm coffee drinkers) to get a Cold Brew drink. The warm Cold Brew will win over the hearts of anyone you serve it to because they are fooled in to thinking that you are a wizard brewer who somehow managed to get the acidity out of coffee... little do they know and you'll look like a rockstar. 

  9. It's so refreshing and moreish. Nothing beats Cold Brew on a warm day with some ice-cubes and a dash of milk or if you are feeling indulgent, cream or if you are feeling like royalty, mix it with ice-cream to make the most delicious milk shake. It will easily become a treat for any excuse. 'Put the dishes in the dishwasher -  I deserve a Cold Brew', 'Got the kids to bed - Cold Brew', 'Got out of bed this morning - Cold Brew' 'Got a Question Right on The Chase - Cold Brew

  10. It has medicinal properties. Ok, well, maybe not scientifically speaking, but it always, despite being cold, warms my soul. 

So, to recap - Cold Brew tastes delicious, saves you time and money, gives you an extra caffeine boost, is easy on the body and above all - makes you look cool - and the last point is a fact regardless of what people tell you. 

Happy Brewing!