Limited Availability Colombian Coffee April 27 2017

Available in the store from the 3rd of May 2017

and from 1pm on the 1st of May for anyone who has signed up for our newsletter.

Cauca - Colombia | Two Spots Coffee | Buy Single Origin Coffee

We have a special single origin coming to us this May. It is Colombian coffee from the region of Cauca, grown on a reserve called Munchique Los Tigres. This reserve is run by an association called Nasa Pkakjera Uss Ya Txnxisa (NAPUY) its main goal is the recuperation of indigenous culture within in the area. The association boasts 129 families who grow coffee for export. Munchique Los Tigres is nestled in among the mountain range of Cauca at 1500 - 1900 meters above sea level. 

Munchique Los Tigres - Cauca -Colombia | Two Spots Coffee | Buy Single Origin Coffee

Coffee is not the only thing grown in this area though which is the reason for its distinct and delicious flavours. Throughout the area sugar is grown, in particular a sugar called 'panela' and it's safe to say that the coffee exhibits that sweetness in both the aromas and flavour. Additionally, in amongst the coffee trees fruit is grown; lending its flavours to the coffee. Plantain, pineapple, lemon and oranges are the most commonly grown crop in conjunction with coffee.

We only have limited availability of this coffee at this current time but hope to be able to source more in the future. 

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