V60 | Drip brew


The V60 is an equipment that produces coffee by a method called pour over drip brew. It is similar process as the filter machine. The coffee grind sits in the filter and water is poured over causing the coffee to drip through in to your cup or container. It's an efficient, easy and clean way to extract coffee and produces a very clean cup of coffee.  

Here's how we brew a cup of our hand roasted coffee using a V60:

1. Place the V60 on top of you cup or use a stand.

The V60 can be placed directly on to your cup or container. Alternatively the V60 can be placed on top of a stand.  

2. Take the filter and fold over the edge.

This is to ensure that the filter sits comfortably within the V60.  

3. Place the filter in to the V60 and pour hot water.

Pour the water over the filter and in to the cup. This seals the filter to the V60, it also ensures that any paper taste of the filter is washed away. Allow the hot water to sit in the cup for 30 seconds to 1 minute to heat up the cup. 

4. Add 22gr/2 tablespoons of coarse coffee.

The grind of the coffee should be coarse, similar to that of sea salt.  

5. Pour about 50ml of hot water over the coffee.

The water should be just off the boil or around 92 degrees. Pour 50 ml of hot water over the coffee, completely submerging it, and allow it to completely drip in to the cup. It should take about 1 minute. The total water content needed is 250ml. 

6. Pour another 200ml of hot water over the coffee. 

The water should be just off the boil.  

7. Allow the coffee to completely finish dripping.

This ensures that the coffee is fully extracted.

8. Dispose of the filter. 

Once the filter has completely drained it can be lifted from the V60 and disposed of.


9. Enjoy

This method produces such a lovely texture, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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