We’re just normal folk who love great coffee. So much so we opened our own roastery and started roasting our own coffee here in Dublin! We hand roast all our coffee with our very own hands. Being a micro roastery means we provide you the freshest coffee with an outstanding personal service delivered straight to your doorstep.

We have developed three fantastic blends for you to enjoy which all have their own taste profiles and characteristics. We are also currently working on some secret single origin coffees which will also soon be available, so keep your eye on our blog and we will keep you updated.


Our beans are responsibly sourced from around the coffee belt. We source coffee from the continents of South America, Australia and Africa. We are constantly tasting and cupping new origins of coffees so we can strive to reach that perfect cup of coffee.


As we are an Irish coffee roastery and proud to be from Dublin, Ireland, so we thought it fitting to call our blends after popular Dublin characters... check out our online shop to read their stories.



Our coffee is delivered fresh to you on the same week as it is roasted, ensuring that you have it when its at its best.


Be sure to arrange a tasting where we come to you, make a cuppa and ensure that you are tasting it as it should be…

*Dublin area, wholesale customers.