Moka Pot

The Moka pot has been around since 1933. It was invented in Italy by Luigi De Ponti and is still being produced there by Bialetti Industrie. The Moka pot is a coffee brewing equipment that produces coffee by forcing boiling water that is pressurised by steam through ground coffee. The drinking coffee then gathers at the top of the Moka pot. 

The Moka pot is a great way to brew our hand roasted coffee. 


Here's how we brew coffee using a 6 cup Moka pot:

1. Place hot water in to the bottom compartment. 

Boil water and pour it in to the bottom compartment of the Moka pot, allow for space so the basket can fit in without spilling water. The Moka pot heats up fast so be careful when handling. 


2. Fill the basket with 22gr/2 heaped tablespoons of ground coffee and level.

The coffee should be ground fine, it should be the same as an espresso grind. Place the coffee in the basket and level it with your index finger. Johnny Forty Coats, Bang Bang, Skin the Goat and Decaf can all be ground to an espresso grind. Just select "fine- espresso machine" when adding the coffee to your basket. 


3. Place the basket in to the bottom compartment.

Mind your fingers though because the hot water can spill out from the sides if there is not enough space for the basket. 


4. Screw the top compartment on.

Tightly screw the top compartment on. Be careful though as the bottom compartment will be very hot at this stage.



5. Place the Moka pot on the stove on medium heat.

Wait for the coffee to come through to the top compartment. If the coffee slowly bubbles at the top, the water needs to be hotter. If the coffee explodes from the top, the water is too hot.  The Moka pot has finished brewing once it starts making a slight hissing sound.


6. Pour the coffee in to your cup. 

Remove the Moka pot from the stove and pour the coffee immediately in to your cup. 



7. Always remember to enjoy!

And make the coffee your way, personalise it or if you are feeling generous, share it. 


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