Aeropress is a brewing device that was invented in 2005 by Aerobie. It consists of 2 cylinders, the smaller one has an airtight seal and fits within the larger cylinder. Coffee is brewed in the larger cylinder. When ready, the smaller cylinder is pushed creating pressure within the larger cylinder which forces the coffee out, i.e. extracts the coffee. 


Here's how we brew our hand roasted coffee using an Aeropress:

1. Place the two cylinders together with the smaller cylinder on the bottom.

The air tight seal should be at the bottom of the larger cylinder. 


2. Add 16-18gr/1.5 tablespoons of ground coffee to the Aeropress.

The coffee should be a medium grind. Coarser than espresso grind, but finer than a filter grind. It should similar to caster sugar. 


3. Add about 50ml of water.

The water should be just off the boil or around 94 degrees Celsius. 


4. Stir the coffee and water in the Aeropress.

This is to ensure that all of the coffee is coated in water, then allow the coffee to sit for about 30 seconds. 


5. Add a further 200ml of hot water.

Or as until the coffee reaches the top of the Aeropress.  


6. Place the filter in the cap. 


7. Rinse the filter.

This ensures that the filter will adhere to cap.

8. Place the cap on to of the large cylinder and twist in to place. 

Ensure that the cap is properly attached to avoid coffee spilling.  


9. Flip the whole Aeropress over.

Do this quickly and with intent. The Aeropress should be flipped straight in to the cup you intend to use. 

10. Slowly push the smaller cylinder downwards.

Push the smaller cylinder through the larger cylinder. This will create pressure and force the coffee through the cap of the Aeropress and in to your cup. 


11. Remove the cap and push the coffee out of the Aeropress.

Once all of the drinking coffee has been extracted from the Aeropress, flip it again and remove the cap. Push the smaller cylinder through the larger cylinder and the coffee should pop out in a disc shape. Discard of the coffee and clean the Aeropress. 


12. Enjoy

Always remember to enjoy. Skin the Goat, Bang Bang and Johnny Forty Coats are always on hand for your home brewing.