Reduced Shipping Prices, Product Galore and 10% Discount On All Products. Have we lost it?!? January 26 2017

As the site officially opens again we would like to inform all of our customers of the changes that have occurred.

We have reduced our shipping prices: That means that you will only pay a flat rate of either 4 or 5 euro (depending on which you choose) on any orders up to 10kg. Wahey!!

The addition of single origin: We will be supplying single origin in the store with a new addition every month. The single origin for January 2017 is Yirgacheffe - find out more about this interesting bean here

Equipment for all your needs: We have added an array of equipment that you can use to brew your coffee. See all our equipment here

We have also supplied a discount until the 2nd of Feb 2017. Use the promo code 


and get your orders in asap. 

Feel free to roam around the website and as always; email us if you have any queries. 

Due to the current economic climate adjustments have had to be made on the prices of our blends.