What is cupping? October 24 2014

A while back a customer asked us what cupping was. So just to explain we are not going mad or doing any magic tricks with our coffees. Cupping is a process used by us coffee heads (mainly roasters) to analyse each of our coffees different profiles and characteristics. In lay mans terms it consists of grinding some coffee, putting them in glasses or bowls, adding some hot water and then slurping the coffee around inside the mouth to get all of the flavours.

However it is a more consistent and accurate process than just this and is used by Roasters throughout the world in order to keep the evaluation of coffees the same. This way we have a better idea of how any coffee would score in terms of taste, flavours and aromas. We constantly use this to improve and provide the best quality coffees to our customers as possible. We are currently searching and assessing some of the best coffees throughout the world so look out as we hope to have them available soon.