We are way out in front! September 30 2014

Check out this great review from the folks over at NorthSouth139

First thing’s first, originality of branding, coffee names etc, these guys are way out in front! This is a good example of looking at branding and thinking “That sounds unique and original, I want one of those!” But the proof is in the pudding, so how does this blend stack up?

Usually, the first moment when I start to decide on what a coffee is like, is from the smell of it as it sits in my little Bodum press. Johnny Forty Coats (lets just call it JFC for this!) has a very new aroma. It’s a long way from the usual dark roasts that I go for, but in a good way! The aroma instantly reminds me of one of those cool new coffee places that is also an antiques shop and an art gallery. Cool, original, but you know there’s thought gone into it. So, biscuits at the ready, gave it a press and tucked in ...read the full review here