Cupping Notes: Rich body, bright acidity, berries, chocolate, brown sugar and almonds

Munchique Los Tigres,  Santander de Quilichao Municipality, Cauca.
Producer: Central Cooperative Indigena del Cauca (CENCOIC)
Association: Nasa Pkakjera Uss Ya Txnxise (NAPUY)
Average farm size: 1 hectare
Number of families in the association: 129

: Colombia, Caturra, Typica & Castillo
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1500 - 1900 m

Roast Profile: City+ (For more information on roast profiles click here)

CENCOIC has been working in the indigenous reserves in Cauca since 2008.
Cauca Region | Two Spots Coffee | Single Origin Coffee for saleThe Cauca region used to be a place of armed conflict but in recent years, since the establishment of CENCOIC the region has seen tremendous growth as well as becoming a more peaceful place to farm. NAPUY joined CENCOIC in 2012. 

When NAPUY joined CENCOIC it had only 39 families that were producing coffee, now it boasts 129 families. Due to their hard and diligent work they have grown significantly in the space of 5 years and have gained more control over the supply chain. Cauca | Two Spots Coffee | Single Origin Coffee for sale

The CENCOIC has been exporting high quality coffee since it was established and each reserve produces coffee with its own unique flavour. Due to the large amount of sugar production in the Valle de Cauca region and Cauca region the coffee that grows there exhibits a similar sort of sweetness. The sugar that they grow there is called 'panela' and its distinct flavour can be observed through the coffee. Plantain, pineapple, lemon and oranges are all grown throughout the region in amongst the coffee trees. 

Throughout all the reserves the coffee is de-pulped, fermented and dried at the farm itself, the farmers then bring the coffee to a local warehouse that weighs and records the coffee. It is then shipped to a warehouse in Popayan where it will be dry milled, cupped and prepared for export.

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